Marconi Plaza

One of the historic places that is located in South Philly, the Marconi Plaza.

The Plaza was named to recognize the 20th Century
cultural identity in Philadelphia of the surrounding
Italian-American enclave neighborhood and became the
designation location of the annual Columbus Day

Bronze statue of Guglielmo Marconi, sculpted by
Saleppichi Giancarlo was erected on the east Plaza
in 1975 though the efforts of the Italo-American
Community organized as the “Marconi Memorial
Association” headed by Dr. Frank P. DiDio.
The statue was dedicated on April 25, 1980, to
commemorate the 106th anniversary of the birthday of
the world-famous Italian scientist and inventor.

The plaza design is credited to the strong
influence of renowned architect Paul Philippe Cret
in 1904 as part of his participation
in the Art Jury reviewing the preliminary
plans presented by landscape architects the
Olmsted Brothers, who were then charged with
a modified design to complete the work.

This is a must-visit to people and tourists, especially the ones who
loves historical places.

Eakins Oval will be permanent!

It’s early in the planning, but Eakins Oval in front of the Philadelphia Museum of Art
is slated to become a permanent public park, according to Parks & Rec spokesperson
Alain Joinville.

Since 2013, the space has transformed each summer from a bare, asphalt parking fixture
to a colorful, enlivened family entertainment zone called “The Oval.” Riding the wave
of pop-up installations, the city created the activation with the goal of making Ben
Franklin Parkway “more park, less way.” During the warmer months, the urban island
facing the Rocky Steps has been filled with attractions, from movie nights to mini

Are you excited for Eakins Oval? If you’re wondering where this beautiful tourist spot is,
it’s located at 2451 Benjamin Franklin Pkwy, Philadelphia, PA 19130.