Is Mayor Nutter Doing a Good Job?? Packer Parker’s respond in a recent Poll…

Are we better off now compared to 5 years ago when Mayor Nutter took office?? Has anything in Philadelphia Dramatically improved since the 3rd Quarter of 2007?

Is Philadelphia Cleaner?  Safer?  Are the schools better?

Any BIG Ideas leaping out of city hall these days?

Has the crippling underfunded City Pension system been improved upon?

Has Philadelphia’s job market dramatically changed?

Has the Mayor had the courage to take on City Council Members regarding the DROP program, the Lump Sum pension jackpot paid to city employees, which is helping bankrupt the city?

I’m not sure, are you?

We are Currently polling current Packer Park Residents for their opinion. If you would like to volunteer your opinion, go to and email us.

Polling results will be available shortly at

Packer Park Rental needed for Local Sports Pro

Dear Neighbors,

We have been contacted by a local Pro Athlete who would like to rent a home in the Packer Park area, with Parking, so he can be close to the Sports Complex. If anyone has a home available for rent or knows of someone with a rental available, please contact us ASAP.

Thank You,