Cul-De-Sac VS. Main Street, Which type home sells for more in Packer Park?

3135 Olympia For years my colleagues and I have argued over which is more valuable, desirable and in more demand…. Packer Park homes located on one of its historic and scenic Cul-de-sac’s or a Packer Park home that sits on a wide and bright main street in the neighborhood like 17th or 18th….?  They both have their advantages….

We have done our research and compiled data to settle the age old packer park debate.. Cul-de-sac or main streets in Packer Park….

Here is how we arrived at the conclusion. We evaluated every 2-story Packer Park home that has sold and settled in the last 2 years- located east of 20th street. We did not include fixer uppers, only above average condition to excellent condition homes.

All of the homes had private parking or the ability to make their yard a parking spot. All of the homes had central air and all but one of the homes was 1152 square feet.

The results are as follows:

Since there are many more main street homes than cul-de-sac homes in Packer Park, the number of main street sales was more than double the number of cul-de-sac home sales over the two year period examined in our evaluation.

SALE PRICE: The average sale price for the cul-de-sac homes was $336,000. The average sale price for the main street homes was $320,000. (close to a 5% difference)

PRICE PER SQUARE FOOT: The average price per square foot for the cul-de-sac homes was $291 per sq’. The average price per square foot for the main street homes was $277 per sq’.

DAYS ON MARKET: Average days on market for the cul-de-sac homes was 222. Average days on market for the main street homes was 82. A HUGE difference!!!

What do these numbers mean??? Stay tuned for our follow up Blog Post on this topic…Jim Onesti Prudential Fox & Roach Realtors 215-440-2052


Packer Park’s #1 Real Estate Broker- Prudential Fox & Roach Realtors

Packer Park has long been a destination Neighborhood for Philadelphia Real Estate Buyers. Many Buyers who have purchased recently in Packer Park have families but there have also been many single Buyers and Empty Nesters who now call the area home. Many of These Buyers have relocated from areas as close as Center City and as far away as California. One constant factor has been that Prudential Fox & Roach Realtors continues to be the leading Real Estate Broker in Packer Park with an approximate 30% market share among Brokers city wide, according to Trend MLS, the local Realtor Database. Prudential has over 3500 local Realtors and is one of the largest firms in the United States. For more information on Prudential and their   proven marketing system visit their website: or Mike Mccann’s website,

Geary Estates TownHomes catching the eye of Celebraties!

The 3000 square foot new construction TownHomes being built in Packer Park this Spring have caught the eye of A-List Celebraties. The Celeb’s identity won’t be revealed but some neigbors have begun to speculate. 

A-Listers aren’t the only people wowed by the new developement which features standard amenities other builders would charge a limb for.

Floor plans available at

Philadelphia Union Pro Soccer team chooses Raimondo Partito of Packer Park to join their training program!

Raimondo, a Packer Park resident, just finished his sixth month on the YSC Union Juniors; a training squad which is supervised by Major League Soccer’s Philadelphia Union and is part of the Chester based Union Academy.

“Being on the Union Juniors is probably the biggest honor for me so far,” said Raimondo.

Congratulations Raimondo! Keep up the good work!